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"The primary objective of any novelist should be to help the reader overcome his or her doubt or disbelief.  A realistic setting of time and place helps with that, I think, so I like to weave a few historically accurate tidbits into the fabric of a story."

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About the Author
     Texas native Hal Williams has amassed a broad variety of experiences since FDR was President, and all of them influence his writing style. A former journalist with numerous bylined articles to his credit, he has also performed in a rock band, worked as a diesel mechanic, and served in the Dallas Police Reserve. His military service aboard a U.S. Navy destroyer included a combat deployment to Vietnam. He competed in Sports Car of America road racing and performance rallying for several years but has since moved to the administrative side of the sport as a safety and compliance inspector.
     In addition to writing and working around race cars, he enjoys playing bridge and target shooting. He and wife, Judy, live in the Dallas area. 
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