Monkey Blood 

Former military policeman John Murphy has no real future in his native Pennsylvania. South African Boers offer him a chance to earn good money by utilizing skills he acquired as a soldier.


Sharpshooter Elton Whitestone has a different reason for joining the Boers in their struggle to perpetuate white minority rule. He is an expert marksman who simply enjoys killing.


Irishman Jimmy Dayton prefers straightforward fighting to the more distasteful tactics of the IRA. What he finds in South Africa calls that choice into question.


Moral differences and volatile tempers create dangerous tension among members of what amounts to a mercenary death squad. Any disagreement could turn lethal in the blink of an eye. Murphy must convince the men around him not to turn their weapons on one another.


If he can...


Hal Williams brings to life the turbulence of Africa in the decades following World War II. Traditional colonial powers like England, France, and Belgium faced armed insurrections from one end of the continent to the other. There were enough small conflicts in progress to keep a mercenary soldier on someone's payroll for as long as he cared to continue in the trade.


Loyalty for rent to the highest bidder.





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First E-book publication May 2009
From our readers --
"Talk about a gritty adventure! These characters get down and dirty and the author makes it so realistic that the reader may need a shower when the last page is turned. Thoroughly enjoyed it!" Brian, Chicago, IL
"While reading Mr. Williams first book, I was taken aback by how much I was reading at each sitting. The story just begs you to keep pushing that next page button and worry about sleep later...." Stuart, Dallas, TX
"Williams introduces some interesting characters in this historical novel set in Africa in 1959. With solid research and an easy writing style, this book was fine entertainment. Let's hear more from this new author."  Sylvia, Atlanta, GA
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"Research for Monkey Blood was mainly on history: Cyprus and the EOKA, the Boer Wars, the Mau-Mau Insurrection, evolution of the Orange Free State and the Transvaal. Very little of the accumulated material actually appears in the book, although Sir John Harding, George Grivas, Patrice Lumumba, and Dedan Kimathi were all real people who played a part in that history." 
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