The Anaya Deceit
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A choppy sea is not the only South Atlantic disturbance in February of 1982. Many political analysts expect Argentina's military junta to attempt a takeover of the Falkland Islands. A shooting war with England appears to be a real possibility.
But the junta also has entangling alliances and tireless enemies throughout Latin America, and even in  the streets and alleys of Buenos Aires itself. The military bosses hold on to power through intimidation and repression. Dissenters simply disappear.
U.S. State Department troubleshooter Trent Collins lands in Buenos Aires without clear instructions as to whether he should try to prevent a war or help start one.  When he learns that his actual assignment is to carry out a political assassination, he faces a difficult choice. If he knocks over the first domino, the CIA will designate him a priority target.
And if he doesn't, the same applies.
Copyright 2009 by Hal Williams. All rights reserved.
Book editing and design: Nancy McElfresh
ISBN-10 09665387-7-3
ISBN-13 978-0-9665387-7-9
First E-book publication December 2009
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   Hal Williams has carefully researched the Falklands War and the political intrigues inside Argentina as well as the external forces which ultimately lead to armed conflict with Great Britain. As in his debut novel, Monkey Blood, Williams has involved strong, memorable characters in historical situations to create mystery, suspense and adventure.
   Trent Collins is a South American expert with the U.S. State Department who has served in many arenas since his Vietnam combat days. He becomes involved with a beautiful Argentinian naval officer who discovers she has been betrayed by her government in the days leading up to conflict. Murder in the streets, spies in the embassy and conspiracy in the capital create a fast-moving adventure with unforgettable characters.
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