About the Author -- Ben DeWitt
     Ben DeWitt writes what he knows, especially when it comes to his Police Action War Series. He entered the Army as a private in 1963, assigned to the 82nd Airborne. By 1965, his government made him an officer and a gentleman in the field artillery. Two tours in Viet Nam, the first with the First Infantry Division as an artillery forward observer with 1/16th Infantry Company and the second with the Military Advisory Command Viet Nam, living with the 25th ARVN Division on the Cambodian border, brought him a chest full of combat medals and an insight into politics and combat which emerged thirty years later in his best-selling fiction.
     He has worked in the oil fields of Texas, Wyoming and Michigan, mined copper in the open pits of Arizona and worked as a mechanic a thousand feet underground in Wyoming. DeWitt has raced cars and motorcycles most of his life and still does when the time and opportunity present themselves. He now writes full time in Pueblo, Colorado. 
     DeWitt brings fascinating characters to his action-packed adventures. In the Police Action War Series, readers embrace "The Big Spook" William B. Booth and "The General" Al Houer, first introduced in No Other Way. In The Third Valley, these men are in power and it is their responsibility to send young warriors, like the blue-eyed Apache ETS and Mark Wilson, into danger. In the newest novel, Some Day, Some Way, they learn to fight a new battle -- the war on drugs.
     There are also plenty of exciting characters to meet in DeWitt's action mysteries: Death of a Hummingbird and Graveyard Grove  and his adventure, Old Friends, Old Enemies, Old Wars.
    In his latest novel, Nobody Dies in Mexico, DeWitt brings back some of his favorite characters, including Sherman Christy, Juan Hart, Det. Floyd Carter and the flamboyant arms expert, Leon, who join forces to take on the bad guys from around the world.
     The novels of Ben DeWitt are proudly published by OSO Press, LLC. 
"The combat experience can never be forgotten. The rest is old-fashioned research because I try to make the fiction as realistic as possible." 
"I tend to combine characteristics of people I've known through the years to create a single character. I've met a lot of interesting people, especially in the oil patch and the copper mines. But in Viet Nam, it was sometimes hard to tell the soldiers from the spies." 
"Racing has always been a part of my life and I guess it always will be. Must be a flaw in my character!" 
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