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Some Day, Some Way 
Third in Ben DeWitt's
Police Action War Series
Some Day, Some Way
by Ben DeWitt
     Young warriors and old soldiers join forces once again to fight a new kind of war in the Arizona desert. In 1974, illegal drug trafficking has become big business on the U.S.-Mexico border and it's up to "Houer's Marauders" to hold the line.
     Mark Wilson and his Indian blood brother, ETS (Eagle That Soars) are still recovering from their mission in Thailand when General Al Houer, retired, calls upon them to extract a DEA agent from his deep-cover operation in Mexico. When they discover that a one-eyed German named Wilhelm is involved, the war becomes personal.
     With the help of retired CIA agent William Booth, an El Paso police officer, a Mexican cattle broker and a snake named Wilma, the team is determined to win...some day, some way. 
Copyright 1995 by Ben DeWitt. All rights reserved.
Book editing and design: Nancy McElfresh
ISBN-10 09665387-2-2
ISBN-13 978-0-9665387-2-4
First E-book publication March 2007
     Ben DeWitt's military experience and years in Asia are the background for the military adventure series that begins with No Other Way, the compelling story of two young soldiers who are caught up in the Korean War, military espionage and the fledgling CIA. The second novel, The Third Valley, introduces new warriors battling the enemy in Southeast Asia under the direction of General Houer and Mr. Booth. In Some Day, Some Way, available exclusively as an e-book from OSO Press, they combine their talents and resources to fight the new drug wars and old enemies.
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From our readers:
"...I thought DeWitt wrote best about the military and war strategies, but in Some Day, Some Way he brings his military characters into civilian life and new adventures in the drug wars along the Mexican border. The former soldiers fight drug lords and crooked cops on both sides of the border. By far the best character in the book, though, is a snake named Wilma and what a snake she is. I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it."
A. Drazin, Colorado 
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