The Third Valley 
Second in Ben DeWitt's
Police Action War Series
     Ben DeWitt continues the adventures of Al Houer and William B. Booth, bringing them together with young warriors and new battles in this action-packed thriller. No Other Way, first in the Police Action War Series, met with wide critical acclaim, especially from the military community. 
The Third Valley
By Ben DeWitt
     Soldiers become spies, old enemies become friends. This was the politically gray world of Southeast Asia in the sixties. General Al Houer will send a team into harm's way on a mission requiring military and CIA skills, led by Major ETS (Eagle That Soars) and Captain Mark Wilson, both Special Forces veterans of the African Congo uprising of '64, the 1968 Tet offensive and the controversial Phoenix Program. Neither had yet turned 30.
     Now as civilians, they are sent to find the Thai war lord, White Horse. The volatile mix of soldiers, politicians, spies, prisoners and criminals explodes in the poppy fields. Only the "big spook," Colonel William B. Booth has a chance to extract the team before the Thai government blows up The Third Valley. 
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About the Police Action War Series
     Ben DeWitt's military experience and years in Asia are the background for the military adventure series that begins with No Other Way, the compelling story of two young soldiers who are caught up in the Korean War, military espionage and the fledgling CIA. The second novel, The Third Valley, introduces new warriors battling the enemy in Southeast Asia under the direction of General Houer and Mr. Booth. In Some Day, Some Way, available exclusively as an e-book from OSO Press, they combine their talents and resources to fight the new drug wars and old enemies.
The third book in the Police Action War Series, Some Day, Some Way is now available in ebook format, exclusively by OSO Press LLC. ETS and Mark Wilson return to their Arizona home for much-needed R&R. Instead of relaxing, however, they become embroiled in the border drug war, working with the Border Patrol, the El Paso Police Department, the CIA and a very special snake named Wilma. The adventure continues.... 
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"Southeast Asia in the raw with a cast of characters slightly less than the warring parties during the sixties. DeWitt knows his Vietnam scene, having served two tours of duty and coming away with enough medals to populate this book of heroism...A lush, quick, precise novel that proceeds at breaknect speed toward a wild climax." The Book Reader, Fall/Winter 2001-02 
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