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"I've always enjoyed reading DeWitt's books because of the interesting characters and he does not disappoint in this new adventure novel. It was made all the more interesting for me because the story takes the characters through places I know well in Texas: El Paso, Austin , Alpine and points in between....I found the old team from Viet Nam to be most interesting as the personal story of each one is revealed within the plot..." Amanda, Denver, CO 
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Old Friends, Old Enemies, Old Wars
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ISBN-13 9780966538755
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First e-book publication September 2008 by OSO Press, LLC.
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Old Friends, Old Enemies, Old Wars
by Ben DeWitt
Pat Rogers, the "infamous" mystery writer, was happy to create his own characters and make sure the good guys won. But when real killers with real bullets come after him, he must return to his own violent past to survive.
Rogers calls together old friends, who just happen to be government-trained assassins from the Viet Nam war, to take on some old enemies. They soon discover that all the rules and most of the players have changed. The Gulf Wars have introduced new killers and new villains. At the heart of the intrigue is counterfeit money and only one person can be linked to the killings and the money. Can the team get to the man in Virginia in time to stop an even deadlier attack that will change history?
Once again, Ben DeWitt brings together chilling mystery and compelling characters in an adventure straight out of today's headlines.
Continue the adventures of Pat Rogers and his old friends in DeWitt's newest adventure novel,  Nobody Dies In Mexico. Detective Floyd Carter, flashy CIA arms expert Leon and a lovely young computer expert, Tracy, join the team of old friends to go up against global bad guys in the northern Mexico desert.
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