No Other Way 
First in Ben DeWitt's
Police Action War Series
     American soldiers have not fought a declared war since 1945. They have become the police force for the world--from Korea to Viet Nam to Desert Storm and the never-ending drug wars. 
No Other Way
By Ben DeWitt
      The gripping story of war and intrigue and the soldiers caught between honor and duty.
     The Korean War was the bloodiest in American history, next to the American Civil War. Lieutenant Al Houer and Corporal William B. Booth found themselves in the middle of the conflict, working for the military intelligence community and the fledgling CIA in 1950.
     Their initial combat assignment was backup for Naval Lieutenant Clark, landing at Inchon several days before the Marines. Houer and Booth stumbled over a rag-tag group of South Koreans, Americans and one beautiful Canadian, who captured both their hearts.
      As American soldiers fought for their lives in the first "police action war," Houer and Booth became a part of the most decisive clandestine operation of the Korean War: The TP Stole Affair. The success of this one operation could save thousands of American lives.
      But this crucial assignment also brought out the philosophical differences of the two young men. When honor and duty collide--there's no other way. 
"DeWitt knows his military and his intelligence operations like a good crime writer knows his police procedure. The characters are drawn carefully and amusingly with a sense of timing and an eye for the right detail...An outstanding picture of an era at its worst and men at their best." The Book Reader, Spring/Summer 2001 
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From the author
     Korea, arguably the bloodiest war in the history of the USA, was not about stopping the spread of communism. It was about testing the heart and soul of our desire to hold the line. Our leaders, both political and military, failed. Our troops never gave up. American soldiers are a wonderful fighting machine. When they are well-trained, competently led and correctly supplied, there is no other military in the world that can out-think or out-fight them. When they are not, they are still the world's best.
     There were more heroes during the Korean War than in any war in our history. As a combat veteran of the War in South East Asia, I salute the Korean Combat Veteran.
     I have tried to make this novel historically correct and believe my perceptions of the events which take place are accurate. The primary characters only exist in my mind, therefore their exposure to real individuals could never have happened. I have tried to be correct in assessing what would have happened if my fictional characters had interacted with real individuals.
To absent companions!
Ben DeWitt 
Copyright 1996, 1999 by Ben DeWitt. All rights reserved.
ISBN-10 0966538706, ISBN-13 9780966538700
Book editing and design: Nancy McElfresh
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