Graveyard Grove 
Graveyard Grove
By Ben DeWitt
Floyd Carter was one of the best homicide detectives in Detroit. Coming out of the closet didn't change his ability, only his beat. He was the Gay Crimes Division. When one of Detroit's best is murdered outside a gay establishment, Detective Carter is assigned the high profile case, getting stuck with Jefferson Davis Treat, retired wide receiver for the Detroit Lions as his unofficial partner. Their investigation leads them into the underground world of international prescription drug traffic, pornography and the sadistic underbelly of the people who profit from it. It becomes an international urban war between organized, vicious criminals and the law enforcement agents who find the Graveyard Grove.
Only a well-traveled native of El Paso, Texas could write the mystery/adventure story that comes directly from the headlines of the border city's newspaper. Even the FBI had questions for Ben DeWitt when the mass graves in Juarez were discovered shortly after Graveyard Grove was published by OSO Press LLC.
cThe El Paso Times, Nov 30, 1999
Mass graves
found in Juarez
FBI joins Mexico in investigation
Juarez--Mass graves south of Juarez may contain the bodies of as many as 100 victims of Mexican drug violence, officials said Monday.
     The Mexican federal attorney general and the FBI announced that a special office has been created in El Paso to coordinate the binational investigation and to help process evidence from two sites south of Juarez.
     At the request of Mexico, the FBI has provided resources for the recovery of evidence and the support of the Mexican federal police in the humanitarian action of recovery of the remains of Mexican and U.S. citizens in locations situated the outskirts of 
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From our readers:
"...DeWitt's specialty is character development and political intrigue, and he delivers these strengths in abundance in Graveyard Grove. Bennie Myers is DeWitt's most interesting character yet and her strong personality and intense sexuality give this book a great deal of bite. The interplay between Floyd Carter and Jefferson Davis Treat is always interesting and honest. If you're looking for a book that captures its plot and players to perfection, Graveyard Grove is the book for you." David, Chicago, IL.
"...DeWitt captures much of the continuing conflict and flavor of El Paso, Texas, the location for much of the action in Graveyard Grove. Although both Mexican and U.S. officials may be annoyed by the storyline, it clearly is more authentic than what is published in the news or seen on CNN...." Alan, El Paso, TX
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