Ben DeWitt brings back some of his favorite characters in Nobody Dies in Mexico. After extensive research into today's headlines, DeWitt tells a global story that connects drug deals with arms sales and political intrigues. It seems that not all drug wars are about drugs. As in his previous award-winning bestseller, Graveyard Grove and in Old Friends, OId Enemies, Old Wars, law enforcement officers have wondered where he gets his information. 
Nobody Dies in Mexico
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Nobody Dies in Mexico
by Ben DeWitt
Is it the Russians? The Venezuelans? The Arabs? Or is it the Mexican drug cartels who want Pat Rogers dead? He and his team of old friends are running out of time and luck in their search for answers.
A Mexican doctor finds evidence of the senseless murder of young girls in the desert of northern Chihuahua. He brings that problem to Pat Rogers in El Paso and the hunt is on for murderers, assassins, arms dealers and drug runners. Rogers gathers the team to pursue the investigation from Detroit to D.C., from Costa Rica to Brazil and back to the Mexican desert. In the process, he becomes the target.
Rogers' team includes some of the best and most dangerous men in the world: Sherman Christy and Juan Hart, black ops and former Special Forces in Viet Nam; from Detroit, Detective Floyd Carter who investigates gay hate crimes, and his CIA arms expert, Leon, who is gay and vicious. Tracy Gurney, a government computer expert, joins the team to take the fight into the cyberworld. Combining the newest technology with decades of experience, the team takes on their worst enemies. Victory would not be without consequences.
   Tracy took Gateman's chair. "What did he mean by no one dies in Mexico?"
   Sherman sagged a little in his chair, making him look close to his age. We had similar orders when we went into Cambodia in 1969. Sherman decided to answer Tracy's question. "It means no bodies or body parts left on Mexican soil. We are giving the President plausible deniability."
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