"Fasten your seat belt if you pick up a copy of Death of a Hummingbird, the new novel by El Paso author Ben DeWitt. 'Hummingbird' is a fast-paced action story of paramilitary intrigue, following Col. Cody Watson from Washington D.C. and New York to Wyoming and Idaho on the trail of the killers of his mentor, the Army chief of staff." El Paso Scene, December 1998 
Death of a Hummingbird
By Ben DeWitt
Death of a general, an FBI agent, CIA operatives, retired police officers, a trucker named Trish and...a hummingbird. Colonel Cody Watson could be next if he doesn't figure out who's behind the murders and what they want that's on a computer disk stamped with an omega emblem. Leaving a trail of bodies, his search takes him from the nation's capital to New York City and the wilds of Wyoming and the Idaho headquarters of the militia confederacy, Fire Base Inc.
Once again, Ben DeWitt spins a tale of intrigue and adventure, combining his storytelling talent with his military background.
Copyright 1996 by Ben DeWitt. All rights reserved.
ISBN-10 0966538730, ISBN-13 9780966538731
Book editing and design: Nancy McElfresh
Cover Design: Rod M. Kroeger
From our readers....
"...Mr. DeWitt is an excellent storyteller and has a good working knowledge of the military, CIA, FBI, NSA, and the inner workings of government. The plot flows well; the suspense he creates may keep you up into the wee hours of the morning to complete this well-written novel. Unlike a Clancy novel, which may take days to read, this book can be devoured in a long afternoon. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good, well-written suspense novel."  Bruce, El Paso, Texas 
"...This is the second of DeWitt's books that I have read and I look forward to his next one. The characters are so easy to know and become a part of the reader's life until they can finally put the book down. The plot is very contemporary and smoothly portrayed with various events that are familiar in the news. The storytelling ability of the author is to be commended. Toward the end I just couldn't put it down until I finished reading. Congrats, and keep on pounding the keyboard..." Jennifer, Olivet, Michigan
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"DeWitt, who was in the army for ten years, writes in a totally knowledgeable way, understanding the nature of police investigation, CIA communications, political deceit. Highly entertaining, a satisfying mix of action, crime and sex." The Book Reader, Spring/Summer 2001
Death of a Hummingbird 
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