The Police Action War Series
Some Day, Some Way by Ben DeWitt
Young warriors and old soldiers join forces once again to fight a new kind of war in the Arizona desert. In 1974, illegal drug trafficking has become big business on the U.S.-Mexico border and it's up to "Houer's Marauders" to hold the line. (ISBN-13 9780966538724, 273 pages, ebook, Kindle edition) 
No Other Way by Ben DeWitt 
The Korean War makes unlikely partners of Lt. Houer and Corporal Booth as they become part of the fledgling CIA and the infamous TP Stole Affair. (ISBN-10 0966538706, ISBN-13 9780966538706,  264 pages, trade paperback, ebook, Kindle edition)  
The Third Valley by Ben DeWitt 
The adventures of Al Houer and William B. Booth continue as they join young warriors and fight southeast Asian battles in this action-packed military thriller. (ISBN-10 0966538714, ISBN-13 9780966538714, 280 pages, hardback, ebook, Kindle edition) 
Tales of Intrigue and Adventure...
Death of a Hummingbird by Ben DeWitt 
The search for the general's killers leads from New York City to the wilds of Wyoming and the Idaho headquarters of the militia confederacy, Fire Base, Inc. (ISBN-10 0966538730, ISBN-13 9780966538731, 256 pages, trade paperback, ebook, Kindle edition) 
Graveyard Grove by Ben DeWitt 
A retired pro football player and a gay  homicide detective take on the deadly underground world of pornography and international drug traffic, sparking an urban war between organized, vicious criminals and the law enforcement agents who find the Graveyard Grove. (ISBN-10 0966538749, ISBN-13 9780966538748, 264 pages, trade paperback, ebook, Kindle edition) 
About the author --
Ben DeWitt writes what he knows, especially when it comes to his Police Action War Series. He served two tours in Viet Nam, has worked in the oil fields of Texas, Wyoming and Michigan, mined copper in the open pits of Arizona and worked as a mechanic a thousand feet underground in Wyoming. DeWitt has raced cars and motorcycles most of his life, to feed what he calls his "adrenaline addiction."  
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Pat Rogers, the "infamous" mystery writer, was happy to create his own characters and make sure the good guys won. But when real killers with real bullets come after him, he must return to his own violent past to survive. (ISBN-13 9780966538755, 301 pages, ebook, Kindle edition.)  
Old Friends, Old Enemies, Old Wars by Ben DeWitt 
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Nobody Dies in Mexico by Ben DeWitt
Is it the Russians? The Venezuelans? The Arabs? Or is it the Mexican drug cartels who want Pat Rogers dead? He and his team of old friends are running out of time and luck in their search for answers. (ISBN-13 9780966538786, 227 pages, ebook, Kindle edition.) 
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