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OSO Press, LLC is a small press dedicated to publishing the finest adventure novels by new and established authors since 1998. Whether it's military fiction, government conspiracy or espionage, OSO Press guarantees quality, with its professional editing and design staff working with the best storytellers in the business.
Although we continue to be dedicated to the printed word, our authors have found new and enthusiastic readers in the digital world. All our books are available in ebook format to be purchased through this website. In addition, the books are finding new audiences through the Amazon Kindle reading device.
To purchase the adventure novels of Ben DeWitt and Hal Williams in electronic format, simply click on the "Buy Ebooks" icon which will take you to the OSO Press EStore. Follow the instructions to purchase and download the books, open in Adobe Reader and enjoy the adventure. If you have never read books in digital format, now is the time to give it a try. It's as easy as reading your email or surfing the web, from your laptop, your IPad or your desktop.
Printed editions are also available from the OSO Press EStore and your favorite bookseller.  
OSO Press ebooks are formatted for Adobe Reader, so please be sure that free Adobe Reader software is installed on your computer. 
Buy Ebooks
Buying an ebook by OSO Press
    If you have never purchased or read an ebook, now is the time to enjoy the adventure. It's easier than reading your email or surfing the web.
    To get started, just click on "Buy Ebooks" which will take you to the estore. Click on "Ebooks" in the left-hand box. Click on the book cover on the next screen. Click on Add to Cart and complete the purchase process using your PayPal account or a credit card.
    Once the purchase transaction is completed, you'll receive an order confirmation with a download key and a download button. First click on the download key, then click on the download button. You will be asked if you want to save the file or open the file. Mark "save the file" and designate a location in your computer (desktop is always a good choice for your first book.)
    Go to your desktop, click on the book title which should have an Adobe PDF icon. The book will open in Adobe Reader (be sure you downloaded it!) and you are ready to start reading. With Adobe Reader you can set the type size, the screen size and page transition. It's that easy.
Enjoy the adventure.....
                            NEW RELEASES
Newest Release by Ben DeWitt
     Presidential Order of the Day:
       Nobody Dies in Mexico
New adventure novel by Hal Williams
     The Anaya Deceit
         Missiles are aimed at the Falklands and war is imminent. Can it be stopped? 
Books by Ben DeWitt 
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Amazon.com now offers free apps for Kindle reading on your PC, Mac, IPhone, Blackberry and the new IPad.  You no longer need a Kindle reading device to read the books by Oso Press. Download the app, buy the book and enjoy the read!